A Sign of Love

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Q and A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding A Sign of Love

Q: This inspirational romance is set in northwest Arkansas. Why near Fayetteville?

A: I’ve used the U of A before as a setting, so this time I just let Juliet Rae head down to the university when she needed to do some research. I know the region fairly well since I went to school there and was born in the corner of northwest Arkansas.

Q: The hero is an architect. Did you do a lot of research for this occupation?

A: No research required for this. My husband, Jimmie, is an architect. I just listened to him through the years and knew enough to ask good questions once I wanted the hero, Grant, to modernize the insides of the Civil War house. Jim drew a floor plan for me of the house as I described it to him so I was always straight on where my characters entered and what was in each room.

Q: What’s the theme of this book?

A: Compromise. Juliet is concerned that she and Grant are opposites in many ways. That doesn’t mean they can’t love each other and find happiness. It means they must learn the art of compromise.