Callie’s Challenge: Her Secret


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Q & A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding Callie’s Challenge: Her Secret

Q: Why did you write a sequel to Callie’s Song?

A: Callie’s Song came out as a paperback with the title Callie’s Mountain from Barbour Books. It was voted best contemporary novel by the readers for its publication year and the editor asked me to consider a sequel.

Q: Since Morgan and Callie marry at the end of the first book, how did you come up with the conflict for the second one?

A: I didn’t want to give them marital problems because the readers loved them both, so I created an external problem. I gave Morgan an accident that was suffered by my sister, so I knew the medical parts of it. Of course, he would struggle with maybe not being able to ever sing again. And I gave Callie a secret that she kept so he could concentrate on getting well instead of worrying about her.

Q: Why add the character of Jeff, the teen hurt in the car wreck?

A: I’m the sole female in a family of males (husband, three sons), and I know men are real babies sometimes when they are sick. I played that stereotype up with Morgan, who’s a very likeable guy, but who is typical male and wanted all of Callie’s attention. I wanted him to suffer a little and really appreciate her, so I let her give time and attention to Jeff until Morgan could take the initiative and help Jeff, too.