The Governor’s Daughter

Available on December 26, 2014 on Kindle

Q and A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding The Governor’s Daughter.

Q: Why set this book at the University of Arkansas?

A: I went to graduate school at the U of A and can call the hogs with the best of them.  My major was history, so I set the book in that department. When I was there, I knew a gal who’s father had run for governor in Arkansas, and I learned the political ins and outs from her.

Q: Aren’t you disillusioned with politics?

A: I’m convinced we have the best system of government in the world. Does it have problems? Sure. And the voters changed directions all the time, but I believe in democracy.

Q: Why have Gayle assume a different identity?

A: She just doesn’t tell others that she is the governor’s daughter. People in the spotlight have a hard time discerning whether someone likes them for themselves or for their connections. I thought I’d shine a spotlight on this—that fame, however peripheral to a person’s life, comes at a cost.