Under a Texas Sky

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Q and A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding Under a Texas Sky

Q: Why did you set this story at the old fort?

A: When I visited Fort Phantom Hill, I was captivated by the stark chimneys standing up to the harsh wind on that hill. The ruins spoke to me of long ago times and desolation. I wondered about the soldiers stationed there, but I haven’t written historicals for adults, so thought I’d just use the fort in a modern setting. A movie being filmed there seemed like a good idea, although I didn’t know much about movies, so I started research on that topic.

Q: Did you set out to write a mystery?

A: I needed something happening at the fort that would affect Rob and Abby, and the sabotage just came to me as I was writing. They aren’t sleuths, but they do stumble upon the reason why the sabotage was done and who did it.

Q: What’s the theme in this inspirational?

A: Like Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.” Abby wasn’t being herself by avoiding discussions of faith with Rob. Her light was not hidden under a basket, but she needed to have a frank conversation with him in order to be more true to herself.