Complete Bibliography of Veda Boyd Jones’ books

–Nonfiction Books for Children
Grover Cleveland, Enslow, unscheduled.
Spices Changes the World, CompassMedia, 2013.
Beautiful Cherry Flowers, CompassMedia, 2013.
Pomegranates: A Delicious Fruit, CompassMedia, 2013.
A New Beginning, Modern Curriculum Press, 2008.
Where Did Math Symbols Come From?, Celebration Press, 2008.
Thurgood Marshall, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2006.
Sacagawea, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2006.
John F. Kennedy, Children’s Press/Scholastic, 2006.
George W. Bush, updated second edition, Chelsea House, 2006.
Langston Hughes, Millbrook, 2005.
Patrick Henry, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2005.
Sandra Day O’Connor, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2005.
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2005.
Abraham Lincoln, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2005.
Condoleezza Rice, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, 2004.
George W. Bush, Chelsea House, 2003.
Samuel Adams, Chelsea House, 2001.
Ernest Hemingway, Chelsea House, 2001.
Selena (Latinos in the Limelight series), Chelsea House, 2001.
Indians of the Northwest Pacific Coast, Lucent Books, 2000.
The Senate, Chelsea House, 2000.
Selena, (They Died Too Young series), Chelsea House, 2000.
Thomas Jefferson, Chelsea House, 2000.
Alexander Hamilton, Chelsea House, 2000.
Ewan McGregor, Chelsea House, 2000.
Caves, Seedling Books, 1999.
Women in Politics, Chelsea House, 1999. (Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, Sandra Day O’Connor, Barbara Jordan, Geraldine Ferraro, Carol Moseley-Braun)
Nicole Bobek, Chelsea House, 1999.
Tara Lipinski, Chelsea House, 1998.
Bible Story Coloring Book, Barbour Books, 1996.

–Fiction for Children
Fuzzy is Gone!, CompassMedia, 2013.
Jason’s Mask Adventure, CompassMedia, 2013.
Jones and Jones, Investigators: The Case of the Missing Shoe. New Zealand: Wendy Pye, 2008. [released in Asia in 2007, US in 2008]
Jones and Jones, Investigators: The Case of the Missing Clicker. New Zealand: Wendy Pye, 2008. [Asia in 2007, US in 2008]
Nellie the Brave, Sisters in Time, Barbour Books, 2006, re-issued in American Struggle, 2012.
Adventure in the Wilderness, #13 in American Adventure Series, Barbour Books, 1997. re-issued as Betsy’s River Adventure, Sisters in Time, 2004, re-issued in American Challenge, 2011.
Cincinnati Epidemic, #17 in American Adventure Series, Barbour Books, 1997. re-issued as Emma’s Secret, 2005, re-issued in American
Struggle, 2012.
The New Citizen, #31 in American Adventure Series, Barbour Books, 1998. re-issued as Maureen the Detective, 2005, re-issued in American Progress, 2012.
Going Home, #48 in American Adventure Series, Barbour Books, 1999. re-issued as Laura’s Victory, 2006, re-issued in American Triumph, 2012.


–Books for Adults

A Sense of Place, Heartsong Presents, 1998.
A Question of Balance, Heartsong Presents, 1997. Reprinted in anthology Angels to Watch Over Me, 2004.
Callie’s Challenge, Heartsong Presents, 1996.
Callie’s Mountain, Heartsong Presents, 1995. Reprinted with Callie’s Challenge and a novella, July 2005.
A Sign of Love, Heartsong Presents, 1994. Reprinted in anthology Ozarks, 2002.
The Governor’s Daughter, Heartsong Presents, 1993.
Under A Texas Sky, Heartsong Presents, 1993.
Gentle Persuasion, Heartsong Presents, 1993.
April’s Autumn, Avalon Books, 1991.

–Romance novellas
“The Best Christmas Gift” novella in Gift of Love anthology, Barbour Books, 2000.
“Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” novella in I Do anthology, Barbour Books, 1998. Reprinted, 2006.
“The Christmas Wreath” novella in Christmas Dreams anthology, Barbour Books, 1997. Reprinted, 2005.
“Summer Breezes” novella in Summer Dreams anthology, Barbour Books, 1997. Reprinted, 2005.
“An Ozark Christmas Angel,” novella in Christmas Treasures anthology, Barbour Books, 1996.


–E-books (available from Amazon)

For adults:

The So-Called Never Fail No Risk Plan, 2022

The Bachelor Association, 2021

On One Condition, 2020

The Christmas Parade, 2019

Here’s Your Trouble, 2018

The Cowboy’s Christmas Getaway, 2017

The Ranger’s Christmas Treasure, 2016

Under a Texas Sky, reprinted, 2016

A Sign of Love, reprinted, 2016

Ashley’s Christmas Wish, 2015

Callie’s Challenge: Her Secret, reprinted 2015 (sequel to Callie’s Song)

The Cowboy’s Christmas Secret, 2014

The Governor’s Daughter, reprinted 2014

That Sunday Afternoon, 2014, a novel about the Joplin tornado

Dr. Sarah’s Dare, reprinted 2013

Gentle Persuasion, reprinted, 2013

The Best Christmas Gift Ever, reprinted 2013

An Ozark Christmas Angel, reprinted 2012

Summer Breezes, reprinted 2012

Callie’s Song, reprinted 2012

Joe’s Ghost, 2011

For children:
The Baseball Card Mystery, 2012

The Secret of the Halloween Fires, 2012

The Snake Who Loved TV, 2012