The Day Before April

            We’re heading for the day before April, a day I pause to reflect, much like the day before the new year. It’s a day to say goodbye to the winter past. (How snowy the days, how warm the fireplace, how tasty the stews brought to us by a friend who says, “I can’t learn to cook for two.”) On the day before April, I also think of the future, for April is a time of dreams and hope and renewal, a month full of promise. The yard outside my office window changes color. Trees gradually flow from brown to green; pastel flowers open overnight.

The day before April is a day of anticipation, the most marvelous feeling of excitement ahead when I can do anything.


The Day Before April

The day before April

Alone, alone,

I walked in the woods

And I sat on a stone.


I sat on a broad stone

And sang to the birds.

The tune was God’s making

But I made the words.

–by Mary Carolyn Davies

I first learned of this poem through fabulous writer Claudia Mills’ blog, “An Hour a Day.” I’m sure my friend will tell the story of the Mills’ family holiday on her blog on March 31. Be sure to look for it: