The Baseball Card Mystery

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It is the luckiest day of his life! Sixth grader Sam Morgan buys a shoebox full of baseball cards at a garage sale and discovers some very valuable

cards. But he soon finds the special cards are counterfeit. Sam and his neighborhood friends, Matt Landon and Jill Marshall, are determined to find

the source of the fakes, and their quest takes them face-to-face with danger!

Q & A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding The Baseball Card Mystery

Q. Where did you get the idea for this book?

A. When they were young, my sons were into Little League and baseball cards. I grabbed onto their interests and started plotting.

Q. How did you pick the baseball cards to feature?

A. Not being a real baseball aficionado, I had to look up who was playing for whom. Also I had to do lots of baseball card research. When the boys were collecting, there were more types of cards. I stuck in Matt Cain, who pitched a no hitter earlier this summer, for a real contemporary feel.

The beauty of an ebook is that I can update it with new names and cards and the feel of the book will remain contemporary.

Q. Why did you set this book in Neosho, Missouri?

A. I remember the town from when I lived there decades ago, and I liked the small town feel where kids could ride their bikes around.

Q. Do you use the characters of your sons in your books?

A. No. I use some characteristics of my sons in characters, and I use characteristics of other people to make characters. I have never based a character on just one person.