Doctor Sarah’s Dare

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At a celebration dinner, Dr. Sarah Madison’s friends from high school days tell her she’s way too serious, intimidates men with her intelligence, and has lost her sense of whimsy. They dare her to ask out a complete stranger and not tell him she’s a doctor until she’s manipulated him into going to a fundraiser fashion show.
Across the restaurant, three doctors in Kansas City for the AMA convention discuss their college days. One asks Dr. Marshall Adams if he still has IT, the ability to pick up any gal he wants. They dare him to ask out the woman at a nearby table; she’s been casting icy glances their way. He accepts the challenge.
Thus the clever deceptions begin.

Q and A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding Doctor Sarah’s Dare.

Q: What is the theme in this romance?

A: When this book first came out in paperback, it was titled A Question of Balance.  I know that’s the title of a Moody Blues’ album, but it’s also the problem that Sarah confronts. She’s too serious, and she had good cause for that. She works with sick children, and too many of them die before they’ve had a chance to really live on this earth. She needs balance in her life, like most of us do who are too narrowly focused on our jobs or something else. Balance is a key to happiness, in my opinion.

Q: How did you learn about the life of doctors?

A: I know several doctors, and I called on one pediatrician in particular to give me insights into conferences and into the type of children’s leukemia I presented in this novel.

Q: Why set it in Kansas City?

A: There’s a well-known children’s hospital there. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, so I imagined it, but I know a bit about Kansas City. I’ve spent time there at the art museum and at the Royals’ ballpark. I like to write about places I’ve visited so I get a more realistic feel for the place.