My Outrage or A Warning to Women

I was going to write about my wonderful Jimmie, but I can’t go there without tears yet, so I will concentrate on my recent outrage.

Death details are many, but the one that sticks in my craw is the credit card company’s response to my request to take Jim’s name off our card. The account was closed before I finished talking. I asked if the deep male voice on the phone could just forget about my phone call, but no. I was not the primary on the card, just a secondary with my name embossed on a card. Never mind that I was the only one to use it in the last year.

“You may apply for a new card, and I’ll give you that phone number if you like,” the voice said.

“Maybe later,” I said, but I meant, “NEVER!”

Take a minute to think of all the online sources that have your credit card on file…for me from Amazon to a website domain name company. Now all of them had a cancelled card number.

So, Women Everywhere, get a card in your own name. Use it once a year to keep it in good standing, but have one where you are primary.

There’s my rant for the month. Don’t even get me started on utilities that insist on marking Jim as deceased, but saying they can merely add my name to his on the account and on the monthly bill.

Actually, I don’t mind that so much. The greatest joy in my life was being Mrs. Jimmie Jones for forty years.