E-books now available on Kindle!

  • For adults: Joe’s Ghost, An Ozark Christmas Angel, Callie’s Song, Callie’s Challenge, Under a Texas Sky, Summer BreezesThe Best Christmas Gift Ever, Doctor Sarah’s Dare, Gentle Persuasion, The Cowboy’s Christmas Secret, The Governor’s Daughter, Ashley’s Christmas List, The Ranger’s Christmas Treasure, The Cowboy’s Christmas Getaway, The Christmas Parade, The Bachelor Association, The So-Called Never-Fail No-Risk Plan, Here’s Your Trouble, and A Sign of Love. 
  • That Sunday Afternoon is a novel about the Joplin F-5 tornado that destroyed a swath of the town and killed 161 people.
  • For middle school students: Sam Morgan series: The Baseball Card Mystery and The Secret of the Halloween Fires.
  • For beginning readers and for parents to read to children: The Snake Who Loved TV.

Other News:

  • The first chapter of Veda’s work in progress, Will Jollie’s Excellent Vietnam Adventure, now called Change Orders, won second in the ORAcon contest in Springfield.
  • Current releases are American Triumph and American Progress, Sisters in Time anthologies that include Veda’s books. (Barbour Books)
  • Veda reviews mass market paperbacks for Publisher’s Weekly.
  • Veda’s newest book projects  (working titles Jason’s Mask Adventure and The Great Escape) are for English as a second language students. ESL e-books are published by Compass Media in South Korea and are marketed to classrooms around the world. Latest topics are nonfiction ebooks: Pomegranates, The Spice Trade, and Cherry Blossom Festivals.
  • Veda’s e-book Joe’s Ghost won second place in best book competition at the spring Missouri Writers’ Guild competition.
  • Currently Veda is revising adult mainstream novels, The Corner of Pearl and Moffet, set in a small town in Arkansas, 1954 and Your 15 Minutes. She’s also revising Change Orders, a novel based on her husband’s time in Vietnam.