Here’s Your Trouble

514Z4bGHGeLWhen police officer Vi Cooper strides into the harshly-lighted ER on Thanksgiving night asking for a blood sample from a wreck victim, Doctor Ed Rogers demands a court order. But in the colorful lights of a Christmas tree, he sees Violet Cooper’s softer side without the gun and the badge. In the ER he must make snap decisions. Can’t he do the same with emotional judgments? Edmund Rogers is about to learn there’s a big difference.

Q & A with Veda Boyd Jones regarding Here’s Your Trouble:

Q: Is this book set in a fictional Kansas town?

A: Yes. Sometimes I find it easier creating a town instead of using a real one. I did stay true to the terrain of southeastern Kansas although I invented the town.

There’s a lot of police action in this book. How did you research it?

On 14 Thursday evenings, I attended the citizen’s police academy here in Joplin, and I took copious notes. I also got to know a policewoman and she agreed to answer questions as I wrote the book so the details would be right.

What about events in the ER?

I used internet research to get first-hand accounts of a typical day from ER docs. I also ran problems by a nurse to again make sure details were right.

Why did you put the movie ‘Yellow Submarine’ in this story?

I was to the point in writing where I needed Violet and Edmund to run into each other. I had attended this movie at a local small venue the night before I wrote this scene, so it seemed natural to write it.